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Established over a decade ago in Moolap, near Geelong in Victoria, Proviro Group is an Australian-owned and operated distributor of eco-friendly wood pellets, natural tofu cat litter and botanical pet skincare products. Our mission is to create the finest products to meet both your needs and contribute positively to our environment.

Your ultimate source for premium pet products and eco-friendly heating solutions. Our collection features premium cat litter to ensure your feline companions are content. Improve your cat’s living space with CatMate litter, Tofu cat litter, and cat litter trays. Additionally, include a catmate anti-tracking mat for a tidier home.

For horse owners, we offer horse bedding and horse shampoo and conditioner to keep your equine friends comfortable and well-groomed, while dog owners can find natural dog shampoo, dog coat deodoriser and sustainable dog grooming products and small pet owners will appreciate our natural small pet bedding and eco-friendly small animal bedding, ensuring a safe and cozy environment perfect for environmentally conscious pet owners.

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Our focus

Unlike many similar products which are mass-produced, we have a particular focus on sustainability, quality and affordability. Proviro Group is proud to be the face of five premium products – each of which is tailored to suit a different market.

Our mission

At Proviro Group, we believe that a quality product and being eco conscious do not need to be independent traits. Our passion for the environment begins with sourcing the highest quality plantation pine and runs right through to your purchase of our product, while our enthusiastic approach to constantly improving that product ensures you will be satisfied with the quality.

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