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Minimate product range

Eco-friendly small animal bedding with MiniMate

At Proviro Group, we offer sustainable pet bedding products designed to keep your small animals comfortable and healthy. Our MiniMate animal bedding is made from natural, eco-friendly materials, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your pets.

High-quality and sustainable bedding

MiniMate bedding is perfect for a variety of small pets, including guinea pigs and ducklings. Our natural small animal bedding and eco-friendly small animal bedding ensure your pets have a clean, comfortable space to rest. The sustainable small pet bedding products are made from renewable resources, supporting a greener planet.

Our range includes specialised bedding such as guinea pig cage pellets and duckling pen pellets, tailored to meet the specific needs of different small animals. MiniMate bedding offers superior absorbency and odor control, ensuring a pleasant environment for both pets and owners.

Choose Proviro Group for premium, sustainable pet bedding products that prioritise the well-being of your small animals. We also offer wood pellets for heaters, quality horse bedding products and natural dog shampoos to meet all your pet and household needs.

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