Heat Pellets

Natural, Sustainable & Purrfectly Earth-Friendly

Heatmate product range

Premium wood heater pellets for eco-friendly heating

Proviro Group offers high-quality wood pellets designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions. Our HeatMate wood pellets are the perfect choice for those seeking sustainable and clean-burning wood pellets for their pellet heaters.

Pallet heaters, domestic heating & boilers

Our wood pellets for heaters are made from renewable materials, ensuring that your heating solution is environmentally responsible. The eco-friendly wood heater pellets produce minimal ash and emissions, making them a cleaner alternative to traditional heating fuels. HeatMate wood pellets are known for their high energy output and clean-burning properties, providing consistent, reliable heat for your home heating systems and boilers.

Camping and outdoor heating

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, HeatMate wood pellets offer a perfect solution for camping and outdoor heating needs. These clean-burning wood pellets provide a convenient and sustainable fuel source for camping stoves and outdoor heaters, ensuring warmth and comfort while minimising environmental impact.

Choose Proviro Group for premium, renewable wood pellet fuel that supports a sustainable future and meets all your heating needs, both indoors and outdoors.

Proviro Group also offers quality horse bedding products, cat litter and natural dog shampoos to meet all your pet and household needs.

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