Natural, Sustainable & Purrfectly Earth-Friendly

Horsemate product range

Eco-friendly horse care products from HorseMate

At Proviro Group, we offer a comprehensive range of horse care products to ensure your equine friends are comfortable and well-maintained. Our HorseMate brand provides top-quality stable bedding, horse bedding pellets, and essential accessories.

Superior horse bedding solutions

Our stable bedding and horse bedding pellets are designed to offer superior absorbency and comfort, creating a clean and healthy environment for your horses. HorseMate horse bedding products are eco-friendly and efficient, making stable maintenance easier and more effective.

Essential horse accessories

In addition to bedding, HorseMate offers premium horse accessories. Our Australian Leather Conditioner is perfect for maintaining and protecting your leather tack, ensuring durability and suppleness. The Dark or Patch Coat Conditioner enhances your horse’s coat, bringing out a natural shine and improving overall health.

Choose HorseMate products from Proviro Group for high-quality, reliable horse care solutions that keep your stables clean and your horses happy.

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