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Are you a feline enthusiast who is also looking for the best products for your beloved cats? Well, look no further! CatMate will be attending the Cat Lovers Festival in Melbourne. Mark your calendars for Saturday 26 October to Sunday 27 October 2024.
Cats are fascinating creatures with unique personalities and preferences. One aspect of their behaviour that often perplexes and challenges cat owners is litter tray usage.
Cat owners are always on the lookout for cat litter that not only keeps their feline friends happy and comfortable but also makes their own lives easier.
In honor of World Environment Day, we want to highlight the significant impact of choosing environmentally friendly products for your pets.
Coming into winter, you might see a change in your dog’s coat and higher levels of shedding. Our MyBestMate products could be the answer!
Although some cats may not mind changing cat litter, it is something to bear in mind for cats who dislike change.
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