Natural, Sustainable and Earth-Friendly

Minimate product range
Minimate product range

A product range suited for even the smallest of pets

An extension of our best-selling CatMate Cat Litter, MiniMate animal bedding is the ideal solution for smaller-sized pets and reptiles. Our natural small animal bedding provides a comfortable and safe environment, ensuring the well-being of your little companions.

Australian made and owned
natural odour control
Dust free - low tracking
Fast Clumping

Carefully created for your pet

We leave out artificial chemicals and toxins in the MiniMate product range. Instead, the range has been purposely made to take care of any little mishaps.

You’ll love MiniMate because…

The key ingredient is sustainably sourced plantation pine, where the natural oils act as a disinfectant and take care of those unpleasant odours.
little friends

Sustainability. Quality. Affordability

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