CatMate Litter Tray Deodoriser

CatMate Litter Deodoriser and Disinfectant is an eco-friendly, hygienic, pet-safe way to eliminate odour-forming bacteria and germs. This spray is completely bleach, chlorine, phosphate and paraben-free and completely non-toxic to cats. With a delightful long-lasting floral fragrance, this deodoriser is ideal for busting smells on those stinky litter trays. It is also Australian made & cruelty-free.

Product Dimensions

Sizes: 50ml | 125ml | 500ml

Product Directions

CatMate Litter Deodoriser & Power Disinfectant is pre-mixed and ready for use. Do not dilute.

  1. First remove the waste litter and rinse tray in clean water.
  2. Shake bottle well & hold upright approx. 20cm from the tray.
  3. Spray CatMate Litter Deodoriser & Power Disinfectant thoroughly all over the tray and allow to air dry.
  4. Once dry refill your litter tray with CatMate Litter.

Do not mix with detergents or chemicals.

Use on litter trays and non-porous surfaces only. We recommend spraying a little to check for colour fastness of surface areas

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