How should I transition to a new brand of cat litter?

Some people believe that cats are creatures of habit, or that they are a little finicky. Although some cats may not mind changing cat litter, it is something to bear in mind for cats who dislike change.

Transitioning your cat to CatMate may involve some patience, persuasion and lots of love. Whatever your reason for changing cat litter, there are some helpful hints and tactics to make your and your cat’s lives simpler.

Consider these two tips and tricks:

  • To check if your cat is interested in a new litter brand, set up two trays, one with their regular litter and one with CatMate. This will allow you to determine how picky they are and whether they are interested in the newest alternative. If they leap immediately into the CatMate tray, no problems; if they are hesitant, you may have a little convincing to do.
  • Your next best bet is to gradually introduce CatMate. The simplest method is to gradually add a scoop of CatMate and remove a scoop of the old litter until your cat is completely adjusted to CatMate. This method may take a few weeks to complete, but it will be less stressful on your cat in the long term.

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