Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

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In case you didn’t know, we work closely with the Victorian RSPCA, providing CatMate Cat Litter for animals in their care. Recently, they had a beautiful senior cat named Clementine. Do not let her age deter you, Clementine is a very cuddly and incredibly affectionate cat.

So, this made us think, why don’t people adopt older cats more often when there are so many benefits? Here are our top reasons why senior cat adoption may be a good option for you.

No Adoption Fee

Adopting a senior cat at the Victorian RSPCA comes with no adoption fee! Since seniors can often go unadopted, RSPCA Victoria encourages all individuals to adopt an elderly pet with no adoption related fees!

Consistent Demeanour

When adopting kittens, their personalities can drastically change during their first year of earth. This means you may not be 100% certain of their demeanour. Could they be relaxed, energetic, playful or sassy, who knows? Adopting an older cat means you know what you’re getting yourself into from the beginning!

Go with the Flow

Naturally, senior cats tend to have more relaxed temperaments which may be just what you’re after when adopting a feline companion. Due to their go with the flow attitude, senior cats won’t be as demanding of your attention or time and will instead be happy to cuddle up next to you when watching the TV and roam around at their own pace.

Despite the benefits, we encourage all individuals to adopt when they can. All animals deserve a second chance in life to be loved and taken care of by beautiful home. So why not look into it when you’re ready to expand your family?

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