Can Rabbits Be Toilet Trained?

The answer is YES. Rabbits are very intelligent animals and can quickly adopt new habits and learn new tricks.

In order to teach your rabbit to use the litter tray, it’s easier if your rabbit is spayed or neutered first. Without this first step, litter training the baby bunnies will be extremely hard. Desexing can help with reducing territorial behaviour as well as spraying in both male and female rabbits.

The key to success in toilet training your rabbit is to be patient during the training period. Because rabbits are a habitual animal, you have to allow them the time to build their new skill in using the litter tray.

Once they have acquired the habit of going in the litter tray, when necessary, your rabbits or bunnies will stop using your house as a large litter box. Here’s some additional tips from Minimate about training your pet rabbit:

  1. Start with a hooded litter box filled with Minimate wood pellets and then leave some rabbit poops in the litter box for your rabbits to realise it’s their toilet.
  2. Next place the litter box where your rabbits prefer to go for pooping and urinating.
  3. Limit your bunnies running space or restrict them in a smaller space from the beginning to litter train them. The restricted zone can be a room in your house, or a playpen or even a hutch. Within the restricted space put a litter box in a corner. Why a corner? Because rabbits usually consider the corners as their toilet.

Litter training a rabbit doesn’t take very long. Training a rabbit may take up to one week or more. But in some cases, it is difficult to teach a stubborn rabbit. For some rabbits, it might take a lot longer to train them on how to use a litter tray. In that situation, you have to be very patient and let your rabbit develop the new skill as a habit.

In general, once the rabbit has developed the new skill you can then gradually increase the rabbit’s territory to eliminate accidents.

As rabbit urine is very strong in odour, consider using the Catmate litter tray cleaner. Our citrus fragrance will absorb the urine odour preventing your house from smelling.

Fun fact – Did you know rabbits can chew 120 times a minute and have over 17,000 buds in their mouth at once? That’s a lot of chewing!

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