Celebrating Women In Horse Riding With Rochelle King-Andrews

Rochelle King-Andrews is an experienced horse rider, trainer and the owner of KEA Rider Training in Ebenezer near Sydney, NSW.
As a celebrated female in the industry, we are proud to share Rochelle’s story for International Women’s Day. Rochelle’s a winning FEI Grand Prix Trainer and rider. She has produced many horses from foals to big championships in her long and successful career.

Rochelle King-Andrews

For almost 40 years, Rochelle has run KEA Rider Training with her husband Greg. The training facility offers students with training opportunities on horses that are both state and national champions. Their current horse Jacaranda is a state Grand Prix winner and his successor Florencia is a gold medal winner.

Lessons with Rochelle range from coaching FEI Dressage to correct rider class position. Rochelle offers invaluable skills to younger riders to help them gain skills and tools for control and relaxation.

Rochelle’s biggest achievement is assisting horses to feel, gain understanding and strength. With a focus on training, Rochelle only competes to ensure her horses are truly becoming more through and on the aids. It’s all about learning how to train the best she can and create harmony between horse and rider.

As the owner of KEA Rider Training, Rochelle is also focused on the horse’s overall mental and physical wellbeing, as this is paramount when working alongside the riders. A big part in this is maintaining quality standards and cleanliness within the stables.

Photo credit: Amy-Sue Alston & Rodneys Photography

Rochelle is a proud customer of Horsemate, having used it within her stables of KEA since inception.
The reason she is a huge advocate of the Horsemate product is the love and ease of it.

“It’s super light weight and it saves us hours of backbreaking shovelling. The absorbency is second to none, dust free and smells and looks super,” said Rochelle.

Using Horsemate means horse riders and trainers can spend less time bending over and keeping stables clean and more time focusing on what they do best – caring for and enjoying the beloved horses.

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