How to keep your pups coat luscious this autumn with MyBestMate

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In preparation for winter, you might see a slight change in your dog’s coat and higher levels of shedding. You might already know the struggles of seasonal shedding, but coming into autumn can be the worst of it. No matter where you look you might see speckles of hairs intermingled with your belongings and brushed up against your furniture.

With shedding comes new fur, so it’s important to brush and groom your pups on a regular basis to maintain their coat looking healthy and thick, as well as to help regulate their temperature. Having said that, there are several techniques to keep the new fur healthy, lustrous and clean.

And here is where MyBestMate comes in; with our luxurious variety of dog grooming products, your dog’s coat will be beautifully luscious all year round. So, which items should you use this autumn?

  • MyBestMate Dog Shampoo: The perfect all rounder for any dog, especially those with sensitive skin! This shampoo is deep cleansing, SLS free and has a combination of coat conditioning natural plant extracts.
  • MyBestMate Dog Conditioner: This product packs a punch of hydration to your pooch’s coat. Using a combination of Australian botanicals and natural oils, this is the perfect addition to your dog’s skincare line-up.
  • MyBestMate Coat Deodoriser: A highly nourishing coat conditioning detangler and deodoriser for all breeds of dog. The natural plant extracts used in this product are highly beneficial for healthy skin and coat conditioning.

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