The Rise Of “Doga”, Doing Yoga With Your Dog!

Yoga has been helping people get stronger, stay calmer, and remain flexible for thousands of years. So it seems only natural that Man’s Best Friend is now welcomed alongside their humans on the yoga mat too. As we look toward International Day of Yoga on 21 June, we are highlighting some of the wonderful benefits of participating in Dog Yoga for both you and your dog, a practice also known as Doga.

Doga pose - downward dog

What Is Doga?

Doga is a trend that was created by Suzi Teitelman in 2001 and has been growing in popularity within the yoga community.

Many dog owners find that this is a fun way to not only take part in an exercise class, but also to spend quality time with their pup as well.

There are two types of Doga. The first is simply a yoga class with your dog by your side. Your pooch is not required to practice any particular moves or synchronize their downward dog pose with yours (ha). Instead, they have a chance to socialise with other dogs and also people in the class, and soak up that calming yoga atmosphere.

The second style of Doga is much more hands-on. In this version, you’ll gently guide your dog through various stretches, like the chair pose (where you gently raise your dog’s front legs up in the air while they sit on their back legs) and the wheelbarrow pose (lifting your pup’s back legs up in the air).

Doga pose

Benefits of Doga

Just as there is seen to be benefits both mentally and physically with yoga in people, the same can also be said for the practitioners of Doga. Some people have also said that this practice allows them to feel more connected with their dogs.

Other benefits include:

  • Improving your dog’s circulation
  • Provision of exercise for injured or obese dogs
  • Aiding in relaxation and stress relief
  • Works as behavioural therapy
  • Can soothe hyperactive or anxious dogs
  • Helps to develop impulse control

So it may not be as stimulating as taking your dog to the local dog park or for a run, but all in all, the practice of Doga is still quite helpful to both you and your pup.

Always remember to always consult with your Vet prior to attending a Doga class to understand if your dog’s health and mobility is suitable for doggy yoga.

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