Cat People of Melbourne

They say ‘Cat People’ are a special kind and here at Catmate, we couldn’t love these type of humans any more. In fact, we fit right into the group of ‘Cat People’ for our love of all things cats.

Pet owners have been pigeonholed for almost as long as cats and dogs have been domesticated. If you’re a cat person, you must surely be aloof, cautious and independent, and if you’re a dog lover you’re more friendly, playful and loyal, right?

Well our friends at Cat People Melbourne are everything and more with their wonderful support of cats and kittens. As a small, volunteer run cat rescue group they specialise in rehoming, rescue, support and advice.

Providing temporary homes for rescued cats and kittens through their foster care network, Cat People of Melbourne are also customers of our Catmate product.

Their expert adoptions coordinators focus on ensuring the cats and kittens are matched to their purrfect forever homes and while they are finding them, they are well looked after using Catmate litter.
Do you prefer to spend time on your own? Always game to try new things? Then you could be a cat person.
So, we want to know do you identify yourself as a typical ‘cat person’?

To learn more about Cat People of Melbourne visit

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