Bath Time with Molly

Hi, I’m Molly but I also answer to “Molsquishy”, “Mol Mol” and “stop rolling in that.” My parents washed me with the MyBestMate Shampoo and Conditioner on the weekend before drying me off and spritzing me with the Dog Coat Deodoriser and I’m a new dog!

Let’s just say I smell so good, I haven’t wanted to change my scent with Eau De Chicken’s Toilette all week. Of course I always look fluffy, that’s the Border Collie in me, but now I look extra soft and cute, so much so that my pats have at least doubled! As a girl with sensitive skin, it’s very important that my parents only wash me with products that don’t irritate it and MyBestMate checks this box!

Overall, I would definitely recommend these products to all my mates at the dog park… After all, they might help them look half as cute as me!

Review from the Parents

“We recently used the MyBestMate shampoo, conditioner and deodoriser to pamper our 7 year old border collie, Molly. As Molly has a terrible habit of rolling in questionable things, it’s very important that the shampoo we use is thoroughly cleansing. MyBestMate shampoo lathered effortlessly to achieve this and smelt delightful, all while not irritating her sensitive skin! The conditioner smoothed out her coat, leaving her soft, silky and extra pat-able. The deodoriser was a luxurious finish to Molly’s pampering experience. Overall, we love these products and highly recommend!”

– Alison and Stewart

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