Take Your Dog To Work Day

Here at Proviro Group, one of our favourite days of the year is ‘Take your dog to work day’ that this year will be celebrated on 25 June.

Set up by Pet Sitters International in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrates the joys of canine companionship and encourages those who don’t own a pet (yet!) to consider adopting one who has been rescued from cruelty or neglect.

If you’re thinking of participating, don’t worry about the cuteness being too much to handle. In fact, having dogs in the office might actually help your team get more done.
“Research shows that dogs make us feel calm and reduce stress,” says Mary R. Burch, PhD, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, and American Kennel Club Family Dog Director. “And there is some thought that [having] dogs in the workplace results in people being more productive.”

Here are a few tips from us here at Proviro Group if you plan to participate in this wonderful day:

  1. Consider if your dog will be comfortable in your workplace – are they healthy? Will they be well behaved with other dogs and people? Will they get anxious or stressed in a new environment?
  2. Clear it with HR, your boss and your co-workers – make sure no one is allergic
  3. Dog proof the office or select an area for your four legged friend to use for the day
  4. Wash your pooch prior – nothing worse than a smelly dog in a workplace
  5. Come prepared – snacks, bed, lead and water
  6. Supervise your dog – if you cant be by their side for the day, make sure you have co-workers prepared to be their ‘buddy’

There are so many benefits of sharing an office with our four legged friends, so this day is a great way to enjoy these aspects.

Several studies and research have shown that dogs offer social support, are able to reduce stress, increase cognitive abilities and counteract depression and anxiety in people. Pets can also be an excellent icebreaker in the workplace, providing employees with an easy conversation starter. Whether it’s chatting about your pup’s favourite treats or training tips, employees may find more common ground to bond over when pets are present.

For more information on safety and preparation for Take Your Dog to Work Day, visit the RSPCA website – https://kb.rspca.org.au/knowledge-base/what-should-i-consider-before-taking-my-dog-to-the-office/

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