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With walking your dog month coming to an end we wanted to highlight the importance of walking your dog and ways you can incorporate more exercise into you and your dog’s life. Of course, this doesn’t mean once it hits February you can start forgetting about your dog again – walks are important all year round!

How often should you walk your dog?

The recommended number of walks can differ between different breeds of dogs. As some dogs are more energetic than others, it is important to research each breed and find the dog you can provide the suggested attention towards. As a rule of thumb, one walk a day will be sufficient. More importantly, is the amount of time they’re being active in a day. For a highly energetic dog, ensure they are spending at least an hour being active outside. For smaller dogs, 30 minutes should be adequate.

Benefits of walking your dog

The beauty of enjoying a walk with your dog is that it not only will improve their physical and emotional health but also yours! We all know exercising releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body, research says it does the same for dogs. In addition to helping their emotional wellbeing, walks help with improving their cardiovascular fitness, stronger bone and muscle health and lowering blood pressure.

What to take when walking dog

To ensure your dog is kept safe and healthy on their walk it is important to take the following items:

  • Leash: It is important to take a leash on all dog walks, you never know what busy roads you’ll walk past, or other encounters you may stumble upon.
  • Poop Bags: This is essential, don’t be that person without poop bags! Tie them to your leash and you will never be caught in a sticky situation.
  • Water: It is just as important to keep your dog hydrated as it is for you to stay hydrated!
  • Treats: If you have trouble getting your dog to obey your commands, bring some treats and your walks will become a lot easier.

When not to walk your dog

As always, avoid walking your dog on hot days! During the summer months, the roads can reach such high temperatures that they are able to burn your dogs’ paws. We know how terrible it can be living with sunburn, so make sure you are checking before you go on a walk. Even better, morning and night walks are ideal as the temperature is significantly cooler.

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