5 reasons to Buy Australian

With the world at our fingertips with a click of a mouse, it has become easy to get lost in the world of options. We would like to take the time to bring you back to the land of Aus’ and remind everyone the importance of supporting Australian businesses and Australian made products.

We have listed below 5 reasons why you should be buying Australian:

  1. Lowers carbon footprint betting the environment
  2. Keeps much needed funds within Australia and help build the economy
  3. Creates more jobs for Australian residents
  4. Made to Australian standards
  5. Cheaper and faster delivery

Proviro Group are proud to be Australian and wouldn’t have it any other way! Established a decade ago, in Moolap Victoria, all Proviro products are eco-friendly using Australian ingredients, recycled timber and natural botanicals. You can find our products online and in stores across Australia. Click here to find your local stockist.

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