How pet owners can prepare for isolation

It’s becoming increasingly clear each day that the current isolation measures put in place by the Australian government won’t be disappearing any time soon.

In fact, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has floated the possibility of living for the next six months under the existing conditions.

The nation is still coming to grips with this concept and has been hoarding non-perishable supplies such as toilet paper, tissues, pasta and rice to ensure they’re prepared for an extended stay in their homes.

But what about your pets? Have you considered the items they may require at this time?

While you are allowed to leave home to shop for items you need, stocking up on as much as you can to avoid having to make multiple trips away from your home is a sound way to adhere to the advice surrounding social distancing.

Here is what you need to consider:

• Ensure you have enough food and clean water to last for an extended period.

• If your pet is due for annual vaccinations, perhaps check if it’s possible to have them done sooner.

• Ensure you are stocked up on a litter product that is designed to absorb odour and keep your house smelling and feeling fresh.

• Check with your local vet or pet care service to find out whether they are closing and, if so, will they offer emergency at-home services.

• Have a trusted friend or family member on hand to take care of your pet for if, by chance, you begin to develop symptoms

Practicing standard health precautionary measures such as regularly washing your hands and avoiding touching your face is also a good way to look after the welfare of your pet.

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