4 ways to reduce your pet’s environmental paw-print

Just as there are a range of simple lifestyle changes one can make to reduce their environmental footprint, so too there are easy ways to ensure you keep your pet’s paw-print as eco-friendly as possible.

It’s always important to consider the impact of your furry friend on the planet – here’s our four tips to help you do just that.

Check your waste bags

Plastic bags take years to break down, if at all. Take a compostable bag with you when you take your pet for a walk – viable options on the market include bags made from plants and other materials that naturally biodegrade quicker.

Check your food packaging

Your pet can go through a lot of food, and in turn that means a lot of packaging. In much the same way as your waste bags, it’s important to consider food in plant-based packaging or made from renewable materials. You could also up-cycle your used food packaging as a means of collecting further waste from around the home.

Check your accessories

It’s important when considering a leash, toy or dish for your pet, that you look to find the most durable option – one that will last a long time and ensure you waste less. Look for toys and dishes made from eco-friendly materials, and if the leash you’re ready to throw out still has some use, give it to the local shelter or RSPCA where it can find a second home.

Check your litter

A product that is made from natural ingredients that are compostable is a great place to start when buying litter for your kitty, hamster, guinea pig or rabbit. These natural ingredients prevent your pet from ingesting toxic chemicals, and often have odour absorption capabilities. Catmate and Minimate are an excellent example of this – made from recycled timber which was destined for landfill.

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