The Abyssinian originated in Ethiopia or Egypt.

The Abyssinian is a sleek, medium-sized cat that boasts a dense, luscious coat. Its body has a fine elegant musculature with a long tail, a wedge-shaped head and large pointed ears.

They have deeply expressive green, gold, copper or hazel coloured eyes and are they are very vocal, intelligent, and energetic.

The coat of an Abyssinian features a colour characteristic called ticking; with a band of colour crossing each hair.

They are very affectionate and loyal but do demand attention. Their curiosity and ability to climb will keep you and your children entertained for hours.

Their social natures allow them to make friends with everyone including the family dog.

For further breed information, the following Australian cat associations can be contacted

Australian Cat Federation – acf.asn.au

Australian National Cats Inc – ancats.com.au

Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia – cccofa.com.au

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