Cats In Crisis

We love being a loyal ‘mate’ to those in the business and South Australian based rescue, Cats in Crisis Inc are just another wonderful supporter of Catmate.

Cats in Crisis Inc is a small not-for-profit rescue owned and run by volunteers. They pride themselves on not being just another shelter, all their kittens and cats are cared for in foster homes where they are fed quality food, regularly parasite treated, loved and integrated with family.

Adopting a stray cat from a rescue is a wonderful experience. Not only does it provide you with the pleasure of caring for a new companion, but it also gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve rescued a cat, and your adoption opens up room in the shelter for another cat in need.

Jenny from Cats in Crisis Inc recently got in touch with us to tell us why she loves Catmate so much:

“Cats in Crisis Inc have tried many different cat litters and have found Catmate the best. One of the biggest comments we get from people who come to visit the cats is that they don’t smell cats odours like you get in most places you go to where there are a lot of cats. I put that down to Catmate. We also find it lasts a lot longer than other cat litter so is more cost efficient. We just love it.”

Catmate is Australia’s leading eco-friendly wood pellet kitty litter, providing the ideal solution for pet owners who are seeking quality litter that is easy to use and super absorbent. Maybe it’s time to try it yourself (or rather for your four legged friends)?!

To learn more about Cats In Crisis visit

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