Proviro Celebrates National Kids & Pets Day

National Kids and Pets Day is celebrated on 26 April every year to recognise the special bond between children and pets. As providers of pet products, we are passionate about celebrating pets and the many benefits that a pet can have on children, of any age.

The human-animal bond is deep and precious, but there is almost something magical about the bond between a child and their pet. If you’ve grown up with a pet, you know that your childhood pet—your first pet—is one that holds a special place in your heart.

As a parent, even if it hasn’t yet happened yet, you can expect your child to plead for a pet at some point. It’s practically a given! Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a guinea pig or even a snake – every child wants a pet.

Of course, as sensible adults, we weigh up the costs and obligations that come with owning a pet. However, all kids think about is how much fun they’ll have with their furry (or scaly) new friend!

Here’s some other proven benefits of pet ownership for children:
  • Pets can protect against allergies. It is thought that early contact with pets gives greater exposure to different microbes and bacteria. This is a good thing because it can train the immune system.
  • Pets can help develop a child’s self confidence and trust, and in older children they can become a confidante.
  • Children that have a family dog do about two hours more physical activity per week than those who don’t. Research suggests that pet play is also an important way for kids to be active. A dog in the household provides increased opportunities for children to actively play each day.
  • Pets also have a role to play in the social and emotional development of children and the key thing is they can improve self-esteem, children’s empathy for others and their sense of responsibility.
  • Children involved in taking care of a pet learn about life and death cycles and it helps children’s nurturing skills through caring for their pet.
  • By having a family pet you always have that contact with nature. It’s an opportunity to slow down and enjoy life.
  • It’s believed that dogs’ non-judgemental nature boosts kids’ confidence leading to improved reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

The choice of pet is an important one and it comes down to the preferences of your family as well as your living arrangement, work schedules, age of your children and lifestyle.

Here’s some important points Proviro reminds those who are looking to add a pet to their family:
  • Children under the age of four should be monitored when they are with pets. This is because they may be less able to control aggression or anger.
  • An adult should always oversee the care of a pet. Even if they believe their child is mature and old enough to take responsibility.
  • Children should be reminded of the fact that pets need basic care, just like people. This includes clean water daily, food and exercise.
  • Parents can be role models for their kids and help to teach youngsters responsible pet ownership.

Share pictures of the love between your kids and pets, we would love to see them!

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