HELLO! I’m Leela!

Can I chew on your arm for a moment? It’s how I prefer to say hi.

I’m a happy, energetic and playful six-year-old Rotti cross Staffy. My favourite things in the world are going for walks (or runs if I can help it), playing with a ball or rope with Dad in the yard or being the best guard dog ever. I also love swimming but it’s hard because I’m a little scared of other dogs at the beach. If you don’t catch me out and about then your next best bet is on the couch snuggled up to Mum while we watch TV together. Anyway, its bed time for me. Time to get the best spot, right between Mum and Dad!

Love Leela

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Review from Dad

“My cheeky pup Leela loves to get messy, whether its digging a hole in the garden or yard, or when we go for walks – she never misses an opportunity to nose dive into anything, so we often come back a little dirty and smelly. And since she insists on sleeping in the bed with us, I couldn’t recommend My Best Mate Shampoo and Conditioner more! My partner and I love the fact that its made with natural products. It always leaves her coat nice and soft, and more importantly, very clean.”

– Dylan Finney

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