Louise Curran and Horsemate

Louise Curran is a dressage rider based in Jindivick, Victoria who trains and competes two dressage horses – Cil Dara Gandalf at Grand Prix and Fiodore currently at Prix St Georges.  Louise is also the founder and CEO of Frontline Training Consultants, an organisation with a worldwide client list, specialising in the field of managing the customer experience.

As a dressage rider and business person, Louise is committed to maintaining the highest standards in everything she does and has been using Horsemate in her stables for six years.  As a Horsemate sponsored rider, Louise loves being part of the Horsemate ‘stable’ and working closely with the team to promote this great product.

Horsemate in stable

“It has so many benefits.  Apart from the superior quality – highly absorbent and dust free –  it’s easy to store and easy to use.  It activates quickly and makes stable cleaning so much easier.  The bedding doesn’t stick to the manure so stables can be cleaned faster and the wet patches clump together and can be simply picked up and removed.

My horses and my sport are incredibly important to me but time to really enjoy them can be very hard to find.  I don’t want to be spending any more time than is absolutely necessary on stable management and Horsemate means that I can have beautifully fresh, odour free stables with very little effort.  It beats the competition products hands down and I wouldn’t be without it.”

Lou and Gandalf

Photo credit: Nathalie Martinsson

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