Yoicks Equine – Specialist in horse rehabilitation

Yoicks Equine is a purpose-built facility specialising in rehabilitation, post-hospital stay/wound care and box rest. They have been up and running since August 2018, with 10X rubber-lined stables, an aqua treadmill, equine solarium, all different sized yards etc. Yoicks Equine caters to all horses’ needs.

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“We discovered HorseMate in June of 2021 and quickly realised all the benefits. It is super clean and a lot less dusty which is something you always want to reduce as much as possible. Extremely easy to clean, we’ve tried all types of bedding and this one cut cleaning time by about 30%. With horses that are extremely ‘wet’ in the box (wee a lot), it makes life much simpler as the moister gets confined and absorbed in the one area as a pose to other beddings that are less absorbent and therefore the whole box ends up wet by the morning. This in turn means we go through less bedding. Lastly, it is super easy to store, and the bags are biodegradable making it a win-win.”

– Isabel Houghton, Yoicks Equine

If you are interested in horse rehabilitation, please visit their website at Yoicks-equine.com.au.

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