LovliDolls Ragdolls

LoviDolls Ragdolls is a boutique ragdoll cattery on the South Coast of NSW, whose journey began with their daughter wanting to show a kitten as she couldn’t participate in sports. Her passion for Ragdolls spread throughout their family, and now they all enjoy the same hobby of breeding and showing these beautiful cats.

“Here at Lovlidolls Ragdolls we only want the very best for our Cats and Kittens, we have tried many products and find Catmate to be superior to all others. It has a wonderful fresh pine scent, it is so absorbent and is amazing value as a bonus! It does not stain if a piece goes astray.

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We love the sieve tray system, there are no odours left behind, the system is so fresh and clean with no wastage at all. We love it so much that we give out tray and litter systems to all that adopt our kittens stock permitting, as it’s the purrrfect start to their lives.

The trays are such a great size, cleaning is so easy, we wouldn’t use anything else here, we have never been so pleased with a product before. Litter box training is so natural for the kittens with Catmate, thank you so much for such a wonderful system.” – Owner Shaynee Love, Loveli Dolls Ragdolls

If this adorable LovliDolls Ragdoll has caught your eye and you are interest in adopting, please contact Shaynee via email [bl-link-it mail=”lovlidolls@gmail.com”] or visit their website at [bl-link-it web=”lovlidollsragdollcats.com/”].

For the latest LovliDolls Ragdolls new follow them on Facebook @lovlidolls.

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