Ease your pet into your newfound freedom

How to deal with separation anxiety with COVID restrictions easing

With COVID lockdowns and restrictions easing Australia wide, we know how excited you must be to finally be able to set your feet into the real world. We don’t doubt your weekends are going to be completely booked up until the new year, there is no more important time than to help your favourite companion begin to settle into your newfound freedom.

As pet owners begin to return to work and attend social gatherings, it is expected that our furry friends won’t understand why you aren’t there to play and keep them company like you used to. Not only will you miss their mid-morning cuddles and distraction from all the work you should be doing, but they will also miss you.

We compiled a few tips and tricks to ease your pets into a quieter life and adjust to living without you all day.

Slowly ease them in

If you have some time between going back to the office, start by leaving the house more frequently and slowly increasing the duration. This will help expose your pet to time apart and get them more comfortable with the idea of you being away.

Form a routine

It is likely that during lockdown your routine was out of whack, with walks and mealtimes not at the same time each day. Start scheduling your pets’ old mealtimes and forming previous habits to make your pets more comfortable when returning to the office.

Keep them entertained

Keep your pets entertained so they don’t run amuck! To encourage your pup’s independence, leave interactive toys or new and fun activities for them during the day. This is the best time to whip a new toy out of your secret stash for your best friend.

Enjoy your time together

Most importantly, spend quality time when you are with your furry friend. This can be going to your favourite dog park, cuddling on the lounge when you binge-watch Netflix or taking them along for your next coffee date.

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